“Vologda souvenirs” is the biggest souvenir shop in Vologda with more than 20 years old history and it includes all the handycrafts of Vologda region.Vologda’s main brands are elegant lace, flax of high quality, wood painting in the traditional Northern styles, birch bark carving  and of cause silver niello from Veliky Ustyug.  Vologda’s butter, candies, balsams containing more than 20 herbs, liqueurs from cloudberries, cranberries, cowberries and bird cherry are always of high popularity.

    “Vologda souvenirs” will help you save the pleasant memories of our town for a long time.

    “Memories for pleasure” is the slogan of our company.

    “Vologda souvenirs” offers sales and discounts for the customers, as well as gift cards and gift packing.